Kulik Lodge Sportfishing

Alaska's Premier Fly Out Sportfishing Lodge

Price per person: starts at $3,595

These trips includes round trip air transportation between Anchorage and Kulik, lodging, meals, boat and guide service while at Kulik, fishing license, rods and waders if required and complimentary cocktails.

Dates: Jun 15 to Sep 27, 2019
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Tour Description

The Kulik River is the epitome of a rainbow trout stream. Its gin clear water, gravel bottom and plentiful food supply provide an ideal habitat for the large population of native rainbow trout. Including fly outs in your stay will provide the means to fish other hot spots within a 100-mile radius of the lodge and allow you to take advantage of the variety of species of fish available in southwest Alaska: rainbow trout, arctic char, grayling, lake trout, pike and five species of Pacific salmon.

Kulik has riverboats cached at various productive rivers and streams; you may take a one day float trip or hike in from your landing area to a hidden stream. The opportunity to view the breathtaking scenery of southwest Alaska is always a bonus. The Aleutian Range includes numerous active volcanoes, glaciers and the multicolored tundra.

Kulik's comfortable guest cabins accommodate two people and are equipped with electricity, shower and toilet facilities. The native spruce lodge boasts a large stone fireplace, dining area and bar where complimentary cocktails are served each evening. In the relaxed camaraderie of Kulik, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, new friendships are formed and old friendships reaffirmed.

Included is round-trip air transportation between Anchorage and Kulik Lodge, lodging, meals, daily boat and guide service on Kulik River, evening fishing after dinner (up thru approx. Sept 10), fishing license, rod and wader rental, and complimentary cocktails each evening. 

Guided sightseeing fly outs to Brooks
Lodge are free June 30 to August 2 (not
including arrival and departure days)

June 15th to August 2nd, 2019

(Transfer days are Tuesdays and Saturdays)

3 days, 3 nights, per person (Sat - Tues)   $3,595.00
4 days, 4 nights, per person (Tues - Sat)   $4,595.00
7 days, 7 nights, per person (Sat - Sat or Tues - Tues)   $6,495.00
Please call for guaranteed single occupancy pricing: 1-877-737-0491

August 3rd to September 27th, 2019

3 days, 3 nights, per person (Sat - Tues)   $3,995.00
4 days, 4 nights, per person (Tues - Sat)   $4,995.00
7 days, 7 nights, per person (Sat or Tues)   $6,795.00
Please call for guaranteed single occupancy pricing: 1-877-737-0491

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Add Ons:

Guided Fly Out Sportfishing, per day, per person (two person min.)

Booked prior to final payment $425

Purchased after final payment $475


Kulik Lodge Sportfishing Sample Itinerary

Please separate the following essential fishing items in the case some of your gear is required to arrive on a later flight than your departure flight to the lodge. Hat, Fingerless gloves, Warm long underwear, Warm socks, Warm outer layers, High quality rain coat, Rods, reels and other fishing equipment, Waders and Wading boots (please no felt or cleats).

The baggage weight allowance is limited to 50 pounds per person. Your clothing and gear should fit into two small soft-sided bags and a rod case. Baggage in excess of what is described above may have to be flown to Kulik on a later flight, space available. Storage is available at the Katmailand office in Anchorage for items not needed at the lodge. Phone cards may be purchased at the lodge for use of the satellite telephone. The lodge and guest cabins have wireless internet access and a computer is available at the lodge for internet use by guests that don't have any other means to access the internet.

The atmosphere at the lodge is casual. Comfortable, medium weight sport clothes are the norm. While fishing or hiking we recommend that you dress in layers to regulate your body temperature with the whims of the weather. Expect temperatures in July and August to average 55-60 F. with fluctuations varying from 40-75 F. June, September and October can be much cooler and wind chill can drop temperatures up to 30 degrees. Extra warm clothes are recommended for these months.

What You Should Bring

High quality rain wear, warm sweater or jacket, short and long sleeved shirts, wool or fleece underwear (for use under waders), good walking shoes or boots, a warm hat, warm socks, fingerless gloves, and personal items and toiletries. You will want a swimsuit for our hot tub and sauna.

Fishing Gear:

Fly rods, waders and wading boots are available at the lodge for you to use, but if you would like to bring your own gear, this is what we suggest: We recommend a 7 weight fly rod for most fishing situations. You should have a reel with a floating line and an extra spool with a weight forward sink tip line. Each spool should have about 100 yards of backing. Other items include tippet material (4 to 12 pound test), fishing vest or pack, forceps, polarized glasses, line nippers, waders and wading boots. The lodge has quality waders and boots if you prefer to use ours (up to size 15 boots). Felt soled wading boots are not legal for use in Alaska and wading boots with cleats are not allowed at Kulik Lodge. While we don't have big problems with bugs, a quality repellant could come in handy, especially for hiking. A camera or video will capture your trip for a lifetime.

Much of the fishing in Katmai is done with wet flies on both floating and sink-tip lines. During June and July the fish are feeding on the out migration of salmon fry and smolt. Bait fish imitations are excellent. Some dry fly and nymphing opportunities might develop so have a selection of dry flies and nymphs. August and September find the trout feeding on salmon eggs and flesh so naturally those imitations are very productive. Large bright streamers work on most of the salmon.

Some of the more productive fly patterns are: Sculpins, Maribou Muddlers, Wooly Buggers, Bunny Leeches, Electric Leeches, various Matuka and Zonker patterns, and Egg-sucking Leeches (invented at Kulik) in various colors such as black, white, ginger, purple, olive and brown (size #6 is a good all-around size); small, sparsely tied fry imitations (size #10); salmon egg imitations (plastic beads, 6 and 8 mm) and flesh flies; dry fly patterns including Adams and Elk Hair Caddis in light and dark colors (sizes #12-#18); various nymph patterns in light and dark colors (sizes #12-#18); large bright salmon flies like Clousers, Street Walkers, Sockeye Johns and Green Marvels (sizes #2-#6).

Do Not Bring

Sleeping bag, towels, landing nets, creels, or any type of firearm or ammunition. If you do bring bear mace, be sure to inform your pilot, it may not be packed inside the planes. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND BRINGING BEAR MACE.

Available at the Lodge Store

All the right flies and lures, miscellaneous fishing gear, insect repellent, various souvenir clothing, Katmai memorabilia and miscellaneous personal items.

How many guests are there to each guide?

Most situations at Kulik lodge is 2 guests to a guide except for some of the fly out destinations where the number of boats available makes 4 to a guide necessary.

What are the cabins like at Kulik?

Kulik lodge has 10 cabins which each hold 2 people, with 2 twin beds, and a private bath. Kulik also has 2 larger family cabins with 4 beds and a private bath for parties of 3 or 4 who would like to stay together. Each cabin has heat, electricity, shower and restroom. Daily housekeeping is provided.

Can we take home the fish we catch?

Due to the short growing season and cold water temperatures in Alaska, native fish grow and mature slowly. Guests are asked to release all their catch of fresh water fish. A limited amount of salmon may be taken home.

How are fish packaged to take home?

The salmon you keep are filleted, vacuum packed, frozen and packed in fish boxes for you at the lodge. If you have a long distance to travel home, insulated fish boxes and freezer packs are available to purchase at a number of locations in Anchorage.

Are you strictly a fly fishing only lodge?

No. We can accommodate fly or spin fisherman, although some of the streams that we go to are fly fishing only streams. At some of these locations you can still use a spinning rod with a fly on the end. All of our guides are fly fishing instructors so if you would like to learn to fly fish, we can teach you during your stay.

What is a fly out and where do you fly out to?

A fly out means that you take an airplane to a different river to fish for the day. We fly to many different areas depending on what type of fish you want to catch and where the best spot for that species is at the time you are there.

When is the best time to come?

Anytime is a good time at Anglers Paradise Lodges. Each time of the year provides a unique fishing experience with different species available.

What is the weather like?

The weather in Katmai can be very unpredictable. It can change greatly even in the same day. Temperatures can range between 45 and 70 degrees and even a bit lower in September. Wind and rain are common so you should dress in layers that can be added to or taken away throughout the day as the weather dictates.

Are there a lot of bugs?

There can be depending on how dry or wet it has been. Some people choose to bring head nets. Most just bring a good insect repellant. You want something with a high DEET concentration for it to be effective and spray it on your clothing and hat, not your skin.

How long does it take to get to the lodge from Anchorage?

The flight from Anchorage to Kulik Lodge takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in our Katmai Air Navajo Chieftain.

What are the cabins like at Kulik?

Kulik lodge has 10 cabins which each hold 2 people, with 2 twin beds, and a private bath. Kulik also has 2 larger family cabins with 4 beds and a private bath for parties of 3 or 4 who would like to stay together. Each cabin has heat, electricity, shower and restroom. Daily housekeeping is provided.

Are cocktails included in the packages?

Complimentary cocktails are served at Kulik Lodge and Grosvenor Lodge and are included during your stay. Our beverages typically include Alaskan Amber beer on tap, a selection of wines and premium quality liquors. If you prefer higher end wines or liquors, there will be a selection available for purchase.

What type of fishing gear is used at the lodges?

Rods and waders are included in your package at Kulik Lodge and Grosvenor Lodge and are available for rent at Brooks Lodge. Cabelas, Redington and Simms waders and Redington and Sage rods equipped with Ross and Redington reels are provided to the guests during their stay.

Can I use felt soled wading boots or wading boots with cleats?

No. The Alaska Board of Fisheries has deemed invasive species a significant potential threat to Alaska's aquatic ecosystems. Effective January 1, 2012, felt-soled waders and wading boots will no longer be legal footwear when fishing in Alaska's fresh waters. Wading boots with cleats are also not allowed at the lodges. Our lodges do have rubber soled wading boots for our lodge guests.