Katmai Discovery Tour - Grosvenor Lodge

Discover parts of Katmai National Park rarely seen by others

Price per person: starts at $3,775

Grosvenor Lodge truly provides the "it feels like my own lodge" experience. Enjoy personalized, guided bear viewing, ideal for your family or group of 4 to 6 guests.

Dates: Jul 26 - Sep 8, 2019
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Tour Description

Discover parts of Katmai National Park rarely seen by other visitors. From Grosvenor Lodge, by jet boat, access remote rivers and streams in the backcountry of Katmai and have the opportunity for bear viewing with not another soul in sight.

Expect seclusion and comfortable accommodations at Grosvenor. Guests are accommodated in the three guest cabins which have heat and electricity. A completely modern bathhouse is situated right next to the cabins. The kitchen and dining area feature a great view of Grosvenor Lake. Many a tale has been told in the main lodge which houses the lounging area and bar, where complimentary cocktails are served each evening.

The personable staff, comfortable accommodations, and excellent backcountry bear viewing assure you a truly memorable experience. Four (4) guests is considered a full camp, but up to six (6) guests can be comfortably accommodated.

Included is round trip air transportation between Anchorage and Grosvenor Lodge (over a $600 value), lodging, meals, daily boat and guide service for guided bear viewing (or optional sportfishing), fishing license, use of rods and waders, and complimentary cocktails each evening. The transfer days are Mondays and Fridays.  For groups/parties of 4 to 6 guests.  

July 26th to September 8th, 2019 

3 days, 3 nights   (Friday to Monday)   $3,775.00
4 days, 4 nights   (Monday to Friday)   $4,200.00
7 days, 7 nights   (start Monday or Friday)   $5,870.00
Prices are per person  
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Grosvenor Discovery Tour Sample Itinerary

The atmosphere at the lodge is casual, so comfortable medium-weight clothes are the normal attire. While bear viewing or fishing, we recommend that you dress in layers to regulate your body temperature. Expect temperatures in July and August to range from 45 - 75 F with lower temperatures possible in June and September.

The baggage weight allowance is 50 lbs. per person. Your clothing and gear should fit into at least two small, soft-sided bags and a rod case. Any excess baggage may have to be flown in at a later time, on a space available basis. Storage is available at the office in Anchorage for items not required at the lodge.

What You Should Bring

Bring high quality rain gear, warm sweater or jacket, long-sleeved shirts, warm socks, fleece pants, and polypropylene underwear (for use under your waders). Cool morning boat rides and cool, wet days require warm hats and fingerless gloves(so you can keep your hands warm and still operate your camera or fly rod). One item that I find indispensable is a waterproof dry bag. It stores extra layers, camera equipment, and other items that you don't want getting wet while in the boats and on the river. You'll also need some comfortable walking shoes or boots for wearing around the camp, a waterproof pair is ideal. Bring your own toiletries and personal items. You will want to bring insect repellant, sunscreen, and polarized sunglasses. Towels and robes are supplied at the lodge for guest use.

For those of you who choose to fish

Fishing gear: You'll need line clippers and needle-nosed pliers. You can bring your own or these items are available for purchase in the small fly shop at the lodge.

Fly fishing: We recommend a 6-weight fly rod to get the most sport from the Rainbows, Arctic Char and Lakers. Salmon and Pike require a heavier rod, a 7 or 8-weight. Your reel does not need to be the most expensive, just as long as it has an exposed rim for palming. Bring both a floating and a fast sink-tip line and enough backing to fill the spool. We generally use 8 lb. test for tippet material unless we're dry fly fishing, in which case we'll be using a 7 1/2 to 9 ft. 3 or 4x tapered leader. A selection of 6 through 12lb test should cover every situation. We have Sage 7 weight rods and Ross Reels at the lodge.

Fly Selection by the Month: The Sockeyes arrive about the second week in July. While fishing for these salmon we use Sockeye Johns, Comets in orange and green, and my favorite is the Green Marvel. Leeches and wooly buggers continue to work for the rainbows and we now start to use a few egg and flesh imitations such as Polar Shrimp and Cotton Candy for all the fish (#8-#4).You can bring your own flies or I will have plenty at the lodge. We also have a fly-tying table for those who wish to tie their own.

July is a good time to go after pike in the weedy shallows. Weedless streamers and bass flies are good bets. We use short wire tippet on the leader when fishing for pike. In August, the hatchis salmon eggs, with the fish feeding on them almost exclusively. It's exciting fishing: nymph-style dead-drifting and sight-fishing much of the time. You'll want a floating line, plenty of strike indicators if you use them, and various sizes of split-shot to keep your offering down on the gravel in fast water. We recommend using the lodge's egg patterns rather than the yarn-style egg such as the Iliamna pinky, which the fish tend to swallow deeper rather than getting hooked just to the outside of the mouth. All our beads will be either free-sliding or pegged no higher than the two-inches above the hook required by law in all of Alaska.

Through September, egg patterns continue to catch fish, but Flesh-flies will be the hot pattern at times. These should be white or ginger in sizes #8-#4. We also get a Silver Salmon run in September. Again, large bright flies are the ticket. Alaskabou and Popsicle in the pink and purple combinations tend to work best. 

Spin Fishing:

Spin fisherman should pack their favorite light or medium action rods and a good quality reel with at least 8lb test line. Expect to lose tackle to snags! Bring plenty of large spoons and spinners as well as swivels. Almost any color combo will work, but usually silver and orange work best. Remember that all treble hooks need to be replaced with singles or trimmed down to one hook. Also keep in mind that American Creek, one of our main fishing destinations is flyfishing only by Katmai National Park regulations.


You can save some weight and bulk when packing by using our waders. Some folks prefer their own, the choice is yours (wading boots with cleats are not allowed at the lodge, and felt is banned in the state of Alaska). One compromise is to use your own wading boots and our waders. If using our waders and boots, remember to pick these up at Kulik Lodge before your flight over to Grosvenor.

Do not bring

Sleeping bags, towels, nylon landing nets, gaffs, creels, or any type of firearm. No wading boots with cleats or felt are allowed. If you bring bear mace, be sure to inform you pilot as it can't be packed inside the planes. We do not recommend bringing bear mace.

Available at the Lodge store

All the right flies and lures, some leaders and tippet material, insect repellant, sunscreen, various souvenir shirts, t-shirts and hats.

How do you pronounce Grosvenor Lodge and where did the name come from?

The S is silent, so it is pronounced, Grove-ner. Grosvenor Lodge is named for Gilbert Grosvenor, the founder of National Geographic Magazine. Photos of him visiting the lodge in the 1950's are in the lodge.

How many employees are at Grosvenor Lodge?

Grosvenor is a small lodge with only 4 to 6 guests and 2 employees - a guide and a chef/housekeeper.

What are the cabins like at Grosvenor Lodge?

Grosvenor is a small lodge with 3 guest cabins each with 2 beds. The cabins have electricity and heat. A bathhouse is located next to the cabins with 2 separate bathroom facilities each with sink, toil, and shower.

What is the weather like?

The weather in Katmai can be very unpredictable. It can change greatly even in the same day. Temperatures can range between 45 and 70 degrees and even a bit lower in September. Wind and rain are common so you should dress in layers that can be added to or taken away throughout the day as the weather dictates.

Are there a lot of bugs?

There can be depending on how dry or wet it has been. Some people choose to bring head nets. Most just bring a good insect repellant. You want something with a high DEET concentration for it to be effective and spray it on your clothing and hat, not your skin.

How long does it take to get to the lodge from Anchorage?

The flight from Anchorage to Kulik Lodge takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is another 20 minutes via float plane to Grosvenor.

When is the best time to view bears at Grosvenor Lodge?

We only offer the Grosvenor Discovery Tour during the times when we typically see a lot of bears in the Grosvenor area.

How does the guide take us bear viewing from Grosvenor?

The Grosvenor guide will take you by jet boat to various rivers and streams that bears are known to frequent. You may get out of the boat and wade through the water. You will be outfitted with waders and wading boots for these adventures.

Can we also fish at Grosvenor?

Yes. Since your party has booked the whole lodge for yourselves, you can do bearviewing and fishing as you choose. We can accommodate fly or spin fisherman, although some of the streams that we go to are fly fishing only streams. At some of these locations you can still use a spinning rod with a fly on the end. All of our guides are fly fishing instructors so if you would like to learn to fly fish, we can teach you during your stay.

What is a fly out and where do you fly out to?

A fly out means that you take an airplane to a different river to bear view or fish for the day. We fly to many different areas depending on where the best spot is at that time for seeing bears or for the species of fish you want to catch.

Are cocktails included in the packages?

Complimentary cocktails are served at Grosvenor Lodge and are included during your stay. Beverages at Brooks Lodge can be purchased in the main lodge during lunch and dinner times. Our beverages include a selection of beers, wines and premium quality liquors.

What type of fishing gear is used at the lodges?

Rods and waders are included in your package at Kulik Lodge and Grosvenor Lodge and are available for rent at Brooks Lodge. Cabelas, Redington and Simms waders and Redington and Sage rods equipped with Ross and Redington reels are provided to the guests during their stay.

Can I use felt soled wading boots or wading boots with cleats?

No. The Alaska Board of Fisheries has deemed invasive species a significant potential threat to Alaska's aquatic ecosystems. Effective January 1, 2012, felt-soled waders and wading boots will no longer be legal footwear when fishing in Alaska's fresh waters. Wading boots with cleats are also not allowed at the lodges. Our lodges do have rubber soled wading boots for our lodge guests.