Katmai/Bristol Bay Float Trips

A Leisurely Unguided Float Down the World Famous Alagnak (Branch) River

Price per person: starts at $1,735

You'll have six full days to explore the Alagnak Wilderness Area as you leisurely work your way towards Bristol Bay. This package includes round trip transportation from Anchorage.

Dates: Jun 11 - Sep 23, 2018
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Tour Description

Katmailand and Angler's Paradise Lodges offer unguided float/fishing trips down the world famous Alagnak (Branch) River. The river is noted for a variety of sportfish - Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, and the five species of Pacific Salmon.

Depart from our Anchorage office on our Navajo Chieftain for your flight to Kulik Lodge, where you will transfer to boat or floatplane for the short trip to Nonvianuk Camp, the start of your float.

You will have six full days to explore the Alagnak Wilderness Area while taking your time to stop and fish productive-looking riffles and pockets as you leisurely work your way towards Bristol Bay. Many a wildlife viewing opportunity will present itself, and the breathtaking scenery is an added bonus.

Sunday to Sunday, 8 days / 7 nights

Minimum 2 persons, maximum 6 persons
Prices are per person: $1,735.00 + $350.00 raft deposit*

You will depart from our office on the eight-passenger Navajo Chieftain for the flight to Kulik Lodge, where you will transfer to boat or floatplane for the short trip to Nonvianuk Camp. The float trip itinerary is yours to plan as you float - fishing, hiking, and camping at any spot which you so desire. A Katmai Air pilot will meet you at a predetermined time and location.

*Raft deposit will be refunded if rafts and equipment are returned in good condition.

Included in the price

  • Round-trip air transportation from Anchorage to Nonvianuk Camp (over a $600 value)
  • Pickup from end of float trip  
  • Seventy pounds of baggage each way - Raft, life vests, rowing frame, oars, raft repair kit, bear resistant container, electric bear fence, cargo net, and numerous cargo straps for a maximum of seven days.

Not included in the price

  • Food, camping equipment and fishing equipment
  • Fishing licenses (may be purchased at Kulik Lodge)
Fishing chart

Katmai Float Trip Sample Itinerary

Your "Angler's Paradise" sportfishing float trip begins when you board our Katmai Air Navajo Chieftain in Anchorage. Your check-in time is one hour prior to your departure time (this time is noted in your itinerary). All flights depart from the Katmailand main office (see map) located next to Lake Hood, near the Anchorage International Airport. The local office phone number is 243-5448.

Upon arrival at Kulik, you'll be taken to the lodge office to prepare for your flight from Kulik Lodge to our Nonvianuk Camp, the beginning of your float trip. At Kulik our staff will make sure your group has all of the necessary flies and other miscellaneous fishing gear. They will also go over maps for instruction about the river area for drop-off and pickup locations. Maps are not provided, so make sure to go to your local U.S.G.S. office to pick up a map of this area.

While not necessary, a GPS unit makes it easier to find the pickup location. At this time you will also go through the float equipment with one of our staff to ensure a smooth transition onto the river.

This will be your chance to pick up any last minute items for your adventure. Available items include packaged liquor, wine and beer, hot flies, tackle, limited miscellaneous personal items and white gas, propane or propane/isobutane/butane gas mix for camp stoves.

IMPORTANT: Prior to boarding one of our aircraft for the 10 minute flight to Nonvianuk Camp, you should be prepared to depart the lodge with your waders on.

The wildlife and scenery of Katmai are spectacular. Along with many species of sport fish, you will see a wide variety of water fowl and other bird life. Alaskan brown bears, bald eagles, foxes and parka squirrels are Katmai regulars. Caribou, moose, Canadian lynx, beaver and mink are occasionally sighted. Forests of spruce, birch, cottonwood, aspen and willow are interspersed with large areas of colorful tundra.

Alaska's native fish grow and mature slowly due to the short growing season and cold water temperatures. Katmai guests are asked to immediately release all of the fresh water species but there are fresh salmon entering the river periodically throughout the season that make great streamside meals.

We're looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Kulik Lodge Staff

The baggage weight allowance is limited to 70 pounds per person. Baggage in excess of the 70 pound limit will be charged at the rate of $1.75 per pound. Storage is available at the Katmailand office in Anchorage for items not needed on the float.

Expect temperatures in July and August to average 55-60 F. with fluctuations varying from 40-75 F. June and September can be much cooler and wind chill can drop temperatures up to 30 degrees. Extra warm clothes are recommended for these months.

What We Will Supply

In addition to the round trip airfare, you will be supplied with a 14' self-bailing raft (up to 3 people per raft), rowing frame with seat, oars, personal floatation devices, air pump, repair kit, cargo net, large bear resistant containers for food and garbage storage, an electric bear fence and numerous cargo straps.

What You Should Bring:

It is your responsibility to supply all food, fishing equipment and camping equipment. Flies, lures and miscellaneous fishing gear that you may have forgotten can be purchased at Kulik Lodge prior to your departure.

You will need maps and/or a GPS unit to help you keep track of your progress and location along the river and to help insure that you arrive at the pickup location in a timely manner. USGS maps are available for purchase at www.store.usgs.gov.

Three different maps will be needed; Iliamna A-7, Iliamna A-8 and Dillingham A-1. If you have a GPS, the pick-up coordinates are N59*08.64; W156*18.54.07.

For clothing, be sure to bring high quality rain gear, warm sweater or jacket, long sleeved shirts, wool or fleece underwear (for use under waders), good walking shoes or boots, a warm hat or cap, warm socks, fingerless gloves, personal items and toiletries.

White gas, propane cylinders and propane/isobutane/butane gas mix canisters for camp stoves are considered hazardous materials and cannot be shipped on passenger aircraft. The lodge has white gas in one gallon cans, Primus "PowerGas" in 230 gram canisters and Coleman one pound propane cylinders available for purchase upon your arrival.

A camera or video will capture your trip for a lifetime.

Fishing Gear

Each person 16 years of age or older will need a State of Alaska fishing license that will be valid for the duration of your float trip (one week). These can be purchased on the Department of Fish and Game's website, www.adfg.alaska.gov.

The fishing license will need to be on your person at all times while fishing. The current sport fishing regulations for the Alagnak River can be found at www.adfg.alaska.gov.

We recommend a 7 weight fly rod for most fishing situations. You should have a reel with a floating line and an extra spool with a weight forward sink tip line. You should have about 100 yards of backing for each spool. Tippets should range from 4 to 12 pound test. Be sure to bring a fishing vest or gear pack, forceps, polarized glasses, line nippers, neoprene or breathable waders and wading boots. It is not legal to use felt wading boots in Alaska and please DO NOT use cleated wading boots in the rafts!

Much of the fishing in Katmai is done with wet flies on both floating and sink-tip lines. During June and July the fish are feeding on the out migration of salmon smolt and fry. Bait fish imitations are excellent. Some dry fly opportunities might develop so have a selection of traditional dry flies such as Elk Hair Caddis and Adams. August and September find the trout feeding on salmon eggs and naturally those imitations are very productive. Large bright streamers work on most of the salmon.

Some of the more productive fly patterns are: Sculpins, Maribou Muddlers, Wooly Buggers, Bunny Leeches, Electric Leeches, various Matuka and Zonker patterns, and Egg-sucking Leeches (invented at Kulik) in various colors such as black, white, ginger, purple, olive and brown (size #6); salmon egg imitations (beads) in a variety of colors in 6mm and 8mm sizes and the appropriate hooks; flesh flies (size #6); dry fly patterns in light and dark colors (sizes #12-#18); various nymph patterns in light and dark colors (sizes #12-#18); large bright salmon flies like Clousers, Street Walkers, Sockeye Johns and Green Marvels (sizes #2-#6).

For more information on fishing equipment, please contact some of the local shops in Anchorage for recommendations (Mt. View Sports or Mossy’s Fly Shop are great places to ask).
If you decide to bring bear mace, be sure to inform your pilot; it may not be packed inside the planes.

Available at the Lodge Store:

All the right flies, miscellaneous fishing gear, beer, wine, various spirits, insect repellant, various souvenir clothing, Katmai memorabilia, miscellaneous personal items and camp stove fuel.

Alagnak National Wild River:

The Alagnak River has been designated a National Wild River and the management of the river and its resources is overseen by the National Park Service.

Pay particular attention to the Laws and Policies.

Be sure to contact the NPS headquarters in King Salmon (907-246-3305) for any additional information. It is highly recommended to learn as much as you can about the river and what to expect during your float trip. The Park Service has a lot of information on their web site:

On River Emergencies:

It is advisable that you carry a portable Iridium satellite telephone or SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger unit while on the river. These items can be life-saving tools in the event of an emergency.

The SPOT units are inexpensive and more information can be found on this web site: http://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php.

The Iridium satellite telephones are much more expensive but can be rented in Anchorage for very reasonable rates. The Surveyors Exchange is one place that rents these phones.