The Brooks Lodge Lottery

The 2018 Brooks Lodge Lottery ended on January 6, 2017.

We will begin the 2019 lottery on December 1, 2017 and will post details as we get closer to that date.  For a general idea on how the lottery works, please see the 2018 guidelines below.



• Applications will be available online and by mail from December 1, 2016 thru January 6, 2017 and may be submitted by email, mail, or fax.

• All applications have equal chance by random drawing.


• All entries and entry fees must be received by January 9, 2017.


• All entrants will be contacted by Friday January 27, 2017 after the lottery drawing has been conducted. Please do not call or email to ask if you have gotten a reservation while the lottery is being conducted.


• There is a $25 nonrefundable application fee per room (for example – if you have a party of 5 requesting one double occupancy room and one triple occupancy room, this would be $50). Once you submit your application, you will be assigned a number for the lottery and will be sent a link to make the payment online or you may mail the entry fee to us by check or money order.


• Anyone who is not drawn for space in their requested time period will be put on a waitlist and notified by January 27, 2017. If space becomes available, you will be notified.


• Any rooms still available once all applications in the lottery have been processed will be open to the public.


• We will make reservations based only on the information received on your application. If you have requested 3 nights between July 10 and 15, and that is not available, you will be placed on the waitlist. We will not guess if you will take fewer nights or a different date than what you have submitted.


• If you receive a reservation in the lottery, you will be emailed your reservation information by Friday January 27, 2017 and a deposit based on 2017 rates will be due within 7 days – 25% on Brooks Lodge packages including flights from Anchorage, and 50% on packages without flights from Anchorage. Final payments are due 90 days before your reservation date. Any rate increase for 2018 will be added to final payment.


• Once any payment is made, there is no refund unless rooms are resold. There is a 5% cancellation fee based on the total cost of the reservation deducted from any refunds. View our full cancellation policy on our Reservations page.


• We do not accept requests for any certain room or room type.

• If one or more nights of your stay falls during July, THREE nights is the maximum stay allowed. (If your stay is June 29, 30 and July 1, THREE nights is the maximum stay allowed). You may not stay THREE nights (for example) July 2, 3, 4 and another date later in July.

• Each party may only win ONE date in the lottery. If you submit multiple applications under different names, duplicate reservations will be cancelled if any names are found to be the same on more than one booking, even after any deposit or final payment has been made. You will receive a refund if the room is resold.

• 5 rooms is the MAXIMUM allowed for any 1 party/application. MAXIMUM party size is 20 persons.

• 2 rooms is the MAXIMUM allowed for double occupancy in any party. Parties requesting more than 2 rooms MUST have a MINIMUM of 3 persons per room.

Brooks Lodge Room Policies

Groups less than 4 / 1 room maximum per group/company

Groups of 4-8 / 2 rooms maximum per group/company

Groups of 9-11 / 3 rooms maximum per group/company
Groups of 12-14 / 4 rooms maximum per group/company
Groups of 15-20 / 5 rooms maximum per group/company