Anglers Paradise

Do you have sample itineraries or a map of the area to view?
Please click on either of the two links below for sample itineraries (in PDF format) for either the "Brooks Day Trip from Anchorage" or a "Brooks Lodging Package from Anchorage". Both include a map of the area. When are the salmon running?
Salmon runs vary from year to year and it is not possible to predict them with absolute accuracy. Most years a large run of sockeye (red) salmon will begin to enter the Brooks River during the middle of June. This run continues through July and the salmon usually begin to spawn in the Brooks River in early August. The spawn continues throughout August and peaks during early September.

When is the peak time to view bears at Brooks River?
The bear viewing opportunities vary throughout the season and also from year to year, mostly due to differences in salmon runs (see salmon run FAQ). While it is common to see bears almost any time during the summer at Brooks, especially if salmon are present, the possibility also exists that you may not. The National Park Service suggests that the peak times are July or September.

Can I drive to Brooks Lodge?
Driving to Brooks Lodge is not possible. Like most of Alaska, there are no roads to our area and we are accessible by air only.

How long does it take to get there?
The flight from Anchorage to either King Salmon or Kulik Lodge is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The floatplane to Brooks Lodge is approximately 25 minutes.

What are the rooms like at Brooks Lodge?
The sixteen rooms at Brooks Lodge are all alike on the inside. They each have four twin sized bunk beds - two upper and two lower beds. Each heated room has a private shower and restroom facility. Laundry facilities are not available.

Can I pay for meals in advance?
Yes. When you make your reservation, you may specify that you would like to prepay all or part of your meals with your package. Any amount may be paid in advance and you will be given a credit voucher in the amount you prepaid which can be used not only for meals, but also for any souvenirs or tours you purchase while at the lodge.

Can I bring food into my room at Brooks?
No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the rooms at Brooks Lodge because of the chance of being visited by a bear.

How many nights can I stay?
If any one night is in July, there is a three night maximum stay. There is no limit to stays in June, August or September.

Can I hike on my own in the Brooks area?
Yes, there are hiking trails in the park. Maps are available at the NPS Visitor Center next to the lodge.

Are there a lot of bugs?
There can be depending on how wet or dry it has been. You want a good insect repellent with a high DEET concentration for it to be effective. Thick socks will help keep the bugs off while walking through the brush and head nets are available at the Trading Post.

How far away are the platforms for wildlife viewing?
There are three viewing platforms on the Brooks River, all within walking distance from the lodge. They range from 300 yards to one mile from the main lodge.

What is the weather like in Katmai?
The weather in Katmai is very unpredictable. Temperatures can range between 45 and 70 degrees and even lower in September. Wind and rain are common so bring layers that can be added to or taken away as the weather dictates.

For further details on Katmai National Park, please visit the NPS website at